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Oncology Esthetics® website launches.

MONTH XX, 2012 – Morag Currin is proud to announce the launch of her new website for her Oncology Esthetics® certification program, www.oncologyesthetics.com. The website shares information about Morag’s international program for aestheticians, the industry and the community. The website was designed by Cucumber Marketing of Vancouver.

Oncology Esthetic® is an advanced educational certification program for licensed estheticians and skin care professionals. The programs was developed over the past 6 years through extensive research including the use and support of scientific studies that have been published by leading health and integrative care professionals and facilities. OE specifically addresses how cancer and cancer treatment affect the person and what that means to the esthetician providing services to this demographic.

The program offers a 3 day clinical training program for those who wish to be certified in Oncology Esthetics. The Oncology Esthetics® 3 Day Clinical Training is for the skin care professional who wants to specialize in Oncology Esthetics®. The Oncology Esthetics® clinical training appeals to skin care professionals who are actively looking to engage with individuals undergoing cancer treatment. Students learn the essential skills necessary to make adjustments and to perform safe spa treatments.
OE trainings are facilitated by an oncology RN and a licensed esthetician instructor trained in Oncology Esthetics®. Certificates are personally signed by Morag Currin, the facilitating oncology RN, and a OE certified National Educator. Students have the opportunity to meet and work with cancer survivors.

The program also offers a one day overview class for those who would like to know more information about what the certification can do for the patient, the professional and the industry.

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  1. Lydia Bridges January 22, 2013 at 9:05 pm

    This is an exciting program. I really love trainings because these trainings will update our knowledge and expertise.

  2. Karen Ortiz February 8, 2013 at 10:55 am

    Will you be offering the oncology course this summer? I am interested in taking the course when I do not have class. This would be June and July’
    Thank you,
    Karen Ortiz Aesthetic Instructor

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