29 08, 2012

Black Salve Cream…controversial or not?

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It is with interest that I read about Black Salve cream - for skin cancer. Of course, there are always so many different opinions about whether this works or not. I'm always of the believe there is more to traditional drugs - for those that just follow the crowd, and I believe there are those [...]

22 08, 2012

New Cancer Therapy using Ultra-violet C Pulse Flash Irradiation

By | 2012-08-22T23:33:43+00:00 August 22nd, 2012|Morag's desk|Comments Off on New Cancer Therapy using Ultra-violet C Pulse Flash Irradiation

Medical scientists at Tokai University School of Medicine in Japan have developed a new and highly effective cancer therapy where cancer cells are irradiated with UVC light. UVC pulse flash rays produce cell injury and/or a functional obstruction only to neoplastic (cell that is part of a tumor) cells. Let's hope that more and more [...]

21 08, 2012

Fourteen Years Young Aspires to become Oncologist

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Yesterday I met the father of a 14 year old, who asked if he could borrow my Oncology Esthetics: A Practitioner's Guide book so his daughter could read it. He assures me it will be read from front to back in two days. His oldest daughter has told him she is going to become an [...]

15 08, 2012

Stress – Heavy Women and Smiles ;-)

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Two new studies relating to stress brings about interesting results. Researchers at the University of Westminster in London, UK compared how stressed versus non-stressed men responded to pictures of female bodies varying from emaciated to obese. Results show that the stressed group of men gave significantly higher ratings to the normal-overweight group of women in [...]

15 08, 2012

Grapefruit juice with Chemotherapy

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Clinical Cancer Research: A study funded by the US National Institute of Health indicates that people with cancer might be able to take less of a chemotherapy drug if they take it with grapefruit juice. Apparently grapefruit juice interacts with some types of medications - very often with adverse effects which can contribute to overdosing [...]

13 08, 2012

The Wedding Pink

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Submission's for 2013's are still open - for ONE MORE week. Those familiar with The Wedding Pink know it is a heartfelt giveaway from one survivor to another. This annual celebration of life is given to one very deserving couple dealing with the challenge of cancer. Please circulate to all those touched by cancer who [...]

11 08, 2012

Charging Oncology Clients for Spa Services?

By | 2012-08-11T16:33:46+00:00 August 11th, 2012|Our Community|2 Comments

On a message board today "I have been teaching LGFB classes for over 6 years. Oncology Practices would benefit from having skincare specialist. I would have a hard time asking for money from these clients....heart breaking". Am just wondering - do we have the same conscience when performing a spa treatment on someone with lupus, [...]

10 08, 2012

Chemical Pesticide Free…City Parks in Regina, SK

By | 2012-08-10T01:24:07+00:00 August 10th, 2012|Our Community|2 Comments

In 2010 it was proposed to eliminate chemical pesticides in 3 of the cities parks as a test project. After using alternative methods, this project was deemed as a success. So, all 3 parks are cosmetic pesticide-free! It can be done. The Canadian Cancer Society is encouraged by this decision.

9 08, 2012

Phthalates…Is This a Concern?

By | 2012-08-09T14:37:17+00:00 August 9th, 2012|Morag's desk|Comments Off on Phthalates…Is This a Concern?

Since the routes of exposure from  personal care items include deodorant, fragrances, hand lotion, shampoo and soap - what about massage oil in plastic bottles?  Phthalates can leach out of plastic medical supplies and are known to be hormone disruptors with estrogenic and/or anti-androgenic actions, and carcinogens in some studies.



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