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Charging Oncology Clients for Spa Services?

On a message board today “I have been teaching LGFB classes for over 6 years. Oncology Practices would benefit from having skincare specialist. I would have a hard time asking for money from these clients….heart breaking”. Am just wondering – do we have the same conscience when performing a spa treatment on someone with lupus, sjogrens, fibromyalgia and raynauds combined….and they are on 19 different medications collectively, or even a diabetic or a client with heart disease? Economic costs for these major chronic illnesses are sobering. And we have medical practices, plus hospitals also charging for services. Let’s count the number of potential spa going people who have a disease or a combination of diseases and let’s see if we can invite them in and how many of us can afford to not charge any of them?

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  1. Caren Wilson October 8, 2012 at 8:35 am

    An excellent point… in fact I think the sad fact is that ALL patients seeking are services are looking for TLC and we need to charge to stay in business to provide all that and more!!~! and we have to pay to be edcuated as well- it all balances out. When a client /patient expects something free it devalues that service.
    If you choose to gift someone that changes the energy of the service – to love!!! without expectation

  2. Donna October 15, 2012 at 8:14 pm

    Eager to be of service, I am trusting “healthy” skin clients will support “cancer/and other” skin care services. I charge a lower rate to targeted clients (that cover expenses and not much profit) and explain to them and the “healthy” skin clients that any gratuities provided me to recognize my service goes into a jar created as “pay forward” for the clients who can’t afford to come again after the complimentary facial I provide to the Look Good Feel Better participants I meet. I haven’t figured out how I will know who is financially challenged —- and that will be revealed to me. While I’m uncomfortable with gratuities at this point, I do still receive them as paid forward for services I will render.

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