26 09, 2012

Marijuana for Cancer?

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Scientists at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, CA have found a compound derived from marijuana can stop metastasis in many kinds of aggressive cancer such as breast, brain and prostate cancer. Cannabidiol (CBD), is a non-toxic, non-psychoactive chemical compound found in the cannabis (marijuana) plant. Essentially cannabidiol could essential "turn off" the [...]

26 09, 2012

Cancer – US Latinos

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According to a study published in "A Cancer Journal for Clinicians", it indicates that cancer has become the leading cause of cancer amongst US latinos - ahead of heart disease. Latino's are less likely to have the most common cancers such as breast, prostrate, lung and colorectal, and are far more likely to develop cancers [...]

26 09, 2012


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Interesting new disinfectant available for surfaces. BioText and BioSurf. These products have been used for years in the dental industry, and are now crossing over into our world of esthetics. These ready to use, lightly scented hospital level disinfectants are suited for surfaces and hard surfaces in hospital settings. Currently only available in Canada. Anyone [...]

13 09, 2012

Health, Beauty Editors – Australia

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Wow, what a day - Derma Aesthetics went out of their way with their PR team to host a full day of media interviews. Twelve editors from various magazines here in Australia interviewed myself and Jennifer Brodeur. All of them have an immense interest in what we are doing for people undergoing cancer treatment. And [...]

11 09, 2012

Chatterboxes here…

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What a lively crowd of 'survivors' at the Sydney Oncology Esthetics(R) training. This group of ladies could not give us enough information which reinforces what we have been teaching! What is interesting is, that amongst themselves, they have had many discussions about their cancer and most of them attribute this to severe stress in their [...]

8 09, 2012

Esthetics vs Aesthetics

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I just read something really interesting this morning. A spa website in the US states estheticians spelt with 'E' perform milder treatments such as light peels and perform nothing aggressive. It then states that aestheticians spelt with the 'AE' perform more aggressive peels such as medium peels and perform more aggressive treatments. REALLY??? I am [...]

7 09, 2012

Sydney, NSW, Australia and Rockville, MD, USA…here we come

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I have just arrived in beautiful early spring weather and getting such a warm welcome from Reika, Simone and Claudia. Very happy to be here in Sydney, Australia. Becky arrived in Rockville, MD a few hours ago and received a warm welcome from Sharon and her hubby. We are both very excited to be training [...]