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Esthetics vs Aesthetics

I just read something really interesting this morning. A spa website in the US states estheticians spelt with ‘E’ perform milder treatments such as light peels and perform nothing aggressive. It then states that aestheticians spelt with the ‘AE’ perform more aggressive peels such as medium peels and perform more aggressive treatments. REALLY???

I am gobsmacked at such a statement. When discussing the spelling for my Oncology Esthetics book with my editor, the publisher clearly defines esthetics that is spa/medically related while the use of aesthetics concerns the visual principles of something, usually its pleasant appearance or beauty. Latter term can be, and is often applied on a grand scale for clothing, artistry, film or cuisine. Feel of a product or it’s ‘scent’ would be aesthetic.

In talking with Suzanne Warfield regarding the licensing designation of LE or LA in the US – it is the preferred one to use LE – licenced esthetician.

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  1. susan jones June 23, 2013 at 5:03 pm

    my understanding of the difference between aesthetician or esthetician is back in the 16th or 17th century to designate different skills aesthetics meant the whole body while esthetics meant face or head only. I have also observed that being a paramedical aesthetician means specialized training and the use of sterilized instruments. I have been a aesthetician for 20 years, fifteen of those years as a paramedical aesthetician. . In Canada there is no licensing required other than municipal or city licensing. I also belong to the Aesthetic Healthcare Practitioners as a internationally certified pedologist. Considering the growth of this industry over the last 100 year and the vast differences of procedures from country to country is it any wonder people are confused.

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