29 11, 2012

“If you never take risks and are always a follower, you’re not likely to achieve extraordinary success.”

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Was reading an article this morning and found the following quote listed above.  Certainly made me think about what we do. I wonder how many spa therapists actually take risks...or are they followers? Is what we doing a risk?  I'd say yes as I've never been good to conform with 'in the box' thinking.  There [...]

27 11, 2012

Winter, snow and sunny skies…

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It is winter here in Saskatchewan - white everywhere and quite slippery!  Lovely outside when the sun shines.  Who needs blush when being outside for a few hours!  Those cheeks get rosy red. It does require lots of energy to lug around in winter gear!  So, for those of you who are fatigued - hopefully [...]

17 11, 2012

Lynne’s Legacy…

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Lynne McTaggart’s story is an example of intentional life and legacy, one in which Lynne strived for daily - to live passionately, love completely, learn humbly, and leave boldly. Lynne attended our recent training in Burlington, ON to share her story with cancer and to  allow herself the opportunity to have a facial, hand and [...]

15 11, 2012

What a Year! Yeeehhhhaaaa……

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We have made a huge impact on numerous people undergoing cancer treatment or during their recovery.  Those attending our Oncology Esthetics(R) trainings are so grateful for the opportunity to get spoilt by our wonderful estheticians/skin care therapists.  This is one of the key reasons we continue to have our trainings they way they are - [...]

13 11, 2012

Melanoma Treatment With Vemurafenib Can Trigger Leukemia

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Vemurafenib, an RAF inhibitor being used for metastic melanoma needs to be carefully monitored in patients as it appears to trigger off leukemia.  Tough battle, trying to figure out what drugs work for which cancer.  It is recommended that adjuvant treatment with RAF only be offered in the context of a clinical trial. One side [...]

2 11, 2012

Amazing women in our industry…

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We are so grateful to have such a wonderful team of ladies in our industry - all working for the good of people undergoing cancer treatment.  Jennifer Brodeur, fellow Canadian from Quebec is in my opinion a first class expert in light emitting diodes (LED), and can move mountains!  She is working with a number [...]

2 11, 2012

Dream Big

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Katrina Elam singing 'Dream Big' is just a beautiful song - estheticians that are joining our Oncology Esthetics® team are not afraid to spread their wings and fly.  All have a heart full of faith, and we are seeing the benefits for all people living with cancer in having these estheticians provide wonderful spa or [...]