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Am I just loving this – First Aid/CPR

You know, I have been certified in the past in First Aid, and found the training so immensely boring! My instructors have been those that are working off text books! I know NCEA requires that their members be First Aid/CPR trained…..with the right instructor this becomes very exciting to see what a difference you can make. NCEA definitely has this right – every esthetician/skin care therapist should have mandatory training in First Aid/CPR.

Our wonderful firefighter/paramedic from the Regina Fire Department is teaching through real life experiences. So, same goes for those who are teaching ‘oncology skin care’ to estheticians/skin care therapists. How on earth do you teach with real life experiences if you do not do volunteer work or have clients that are undergoing cancer treatment? How do you truly inspire your students and make a difference?

For those of you who have obtained my book “Health Challenged Skins: Estheticians Desk Reference“….attending a credible training in First Aid/CPR enhances your knowledge/skill base even further. From someone who would rather not attend as a first responder in the past….I’d be happy to jump in with both feet now after this training. One thing is reinforced….you work within your scope of training as a First Aid responder. Same applies to estheticians/skin care therapists working within the scope of their licence/certification. The other thing which I have been teaching for years – the importance of PPE in the spa environment. It just amazes me that many estheticians/skin care therapists still challenge the use of PPE? Seriously???

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