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The Benefits of Oncology Esthetics Training for Estheticians

nurse_holding_patients_handCancer touches everyone at some point, whether they are a patient themselves or providing support for a family or friend with cancer. No matter one’s role or experience with cancer, everyone can agree that cancer patients deserve kindness, compassion, and healing.

Estheticians work to bring happiness and joy to their clients by providing relaxing and luxurious treatments. Cancer patients can benefit from these exact same treatments, but often, estheticians shy away from being inclusive of those with cancer as they do not fully understand the disease and its side effects. Estheticians who receive oncology esthetics training are able to expand their practices to serve cancer patients, which is beneficial for cancer patients who want to feel better about themselves during this difficult time.

What’s Involved

Oncology esthetics training teaches estheticians best practices for including cancer patients as their clients. This involves learning about cancer and its risks and side effects, as well as treatment modifications and changes based on cancer surgery, drug therapy, and radiation therapy. Estheticians who pursue oncology esthetics training will gain insight into communication, treatment choices, and marketing techniques that are best suited to cancer patients.

Estheticians who are trained in oncology esthetics help bring cancer patients light and happiness. They will be able to fully integrate cancer patients into their practices in a way that is not risky or short sighted. Instead, oncology esthetics trained estheticians will join the support team of cancer patients, providing relaxation, enjoyment, and relief for people dealing with cancer.

There is little to lose from pursuing oncology esthetics training for estheticians, but much to gain! Not only will you expand your patient base, you’ll be providing a much needed and much appreciated service to people facing one of life’s biggest challenges to physical and mental health and wellbeing.

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  1. Gloria Sindoni January 2, 2015 at 6:17 pm

    When will your next training be for Oncology Esthetics?
    Gloria Sindoni

  2. Jessy August 22, 2015 at 9:52 pm

    Pls advice the next training course dates and times. Also what about the cost.
    Thanks for your info.


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