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Skin Care During Chemotherapy

skin careCaring for our skin is one of the things we usually don’t think twice about. When cancer treatments are begun, there may be some serious skin reactions that need to be addressed along the way.

Our skin is one of the areas of the body most affected by cancer treatments. That’s because it is our first defense against such things as infections and germs.

Fantastic strides in cancer care have been made in recent years, and helping patients to cope with temporary side-effects of chemotherapy is an area that has received much attention as of late.

So, just how do you care for your skin during chemotherapy? 

Here are 5 Tips for dealing with skin care during chemotherapy:

  1. Be extra gentle with your skin. Even if you never have before, only use products that are fragrance- and alcohol-free, and those that are made for sensitive skin. You will notice a difference.
  2. Protect your skin from the sun. This is something we should do all of the time, but particularly when undergoing chemo, or when undergoing drug treatments. Try as best you can to wear long sleeves or pants, and use hats to protect your face and head.
  3. Be sure to take care of skin rashes you get. Don’t ignore them, and consult your doctor as to the best remedy for them.
  4. When receiving chemotherapy there is always the risk that the cancer drugs will leak out of the IV onto your skin. If this happens, notify the nurse right away so she can properly attend to the affected area.
  5. Besides talking with your doctor about all of your chemo concerns, be sure to discuss any questions or issues that arise with skin problems during chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is a difficult road. By being prepared and knowing some of your options ahead of time, will ensure that your journey through chemotherapy will be a smoother one.

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