>>Ozone Therapy – Cancer

Ozone Therapy – Cancer

There are over 3000 medical references in German literature showing the effectiveness and safety of ozone in over 5 years of applications to humans by way of millions of dosages. The International Ozone Association and the ozone machine manufacturers report over 7000 MD’s in Europe using ozone safely and effectively, some for more than 40 years, yet for the past 20 years the FDA in the USA has prevented human testing and issuing any ozone-generating device approvals.

Unlike human cells that love oxygen, the disease causing viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites – including the HIV and cancer virus, cancer cells, arthritis microbes, colds and flu, and West Nile virus carried by mosquitoes –like most primitive lower life forms, are almost all anaerobic.

That means these microbes and cancer cells cannot live in high oxygen concentrations. Therefore, what would happen to these anaerobic viruses and bacteria if they were to be completely surrounded with a very energetic form of pure oxygen for a long time? What if enough of this special form of oxygen/ozone was to be slowly and harmlessly introduced into the body daily, over the course of a few months, to eventually saturate all the bodily fluids and every cell, including those of the brain, spine and bone marrow, with it? Wouldn’t the disease-causing microbes and cells that can’t live in oxygen cease to exist?

Medical ozone, which breaks down into oxygen, works because it floods the body with single oxygen atoms. Singlet oxygen and its by-products are very energetic oxidizers – they ‘burn up’ waste products, pollution, microbes and weak (cancerous) cells. These weak, waste products and microbes can’t protect themselves against oxygen, because they either inert, lower life forms, or diseased. Normal body cells protect themselves from the oxidizing effects of oxygen by naturally producing their own protective antioxidant coatings.

Today we are oxygen deficient due to our natural sources being depleted or polluted (oceans/forest) and since we are surviving on less than half the oxygen our bodies are designed to run on, our bodies can no longer take out (oxidize) the trash, so it accumulates and ultimately our health starts to suffer.

I see the point that exercise is absolutely necessary…to oxygenate the cells! Lower concentrations and quantities of ozone will aid healing and help to stimulate the immune system.

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