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25 10, 2015

Oncology Aesthetics Benefits

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As seen in Dermascope Magazine (Dermascope.com) Read this article in Dermascope Magazine (Dermascope.com) on Oncology Aesthetics and the benefits of being trained, plus the psychological impact of breast cancer and how we can make a difference.  Be educated and well informed on this disease, know what safe adaptations can be made to any spa treatment, [...]

15 10, 2015

EXPO Women Global Forum

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Cancer Prevention! OTI Founder Morag Currin and Italian Director Angela Noviello will be presenting/participating in “Listen To Your Body” at EXPO at San Raffaele Hospital in Milano Italy on October 22, 2015.  These two OTI juggernauts will be talking about preventing cancer - skin cancer, diet, and lifestyle.  This is looking to be a fantastic [...]

1 10, 2015

Benefits of Aromatherapy for Cancer Patients

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For cancer patients, aromatherapy can be an effective and beneficial addition to regular treatments. Aromatherapy is of course not intended to replace physician-directed treatments, but when done properly can work in conjunction with other treatments to help manage some of the symptoms and side effects of both conventional cancer treatments, and cancer itself. Many cancer [...]