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Understanding How The Holidays Can Cause Oncology Patient Anxiety


The holidays are a time for enjoying life with family and friends, taking in all of the wonders of the season. But for people dealing with a less than ideal life situation, the holidays can actually cause a lot of anxiety. Oncology patients are part of the group of people who may need some extra care and attention over the holidays, to help combat and soothe anxiety.

Oncology patients may be in a very tenuous situation. They may not know if there will be another holiday season for them, or exactly how well they will feel over this one. There may be a lot of pressure to make the holiday perfect any way that they can, so they can have good memories themselves, and provide good memories to family members.

Oncology patients could also be dealing with feelings of loneliness or isolation, especially if they are inpatients in a hospital or clinic. Odds are, the holidays will not look like what an oncology patient had wished for.

Patients receiving treatment may be worried about how they will feel over the holidays, or how they will access care if they are supposed to be travelling to visit friends and family.

The usual hustle and bustle of the season can also cause stress and anxiety for oncology patients, who may end up fatigued trying to keep up with the typical schedule of events. It is important for patients to take a break and rest, even if it means skipping out on some holiday moments.

Esthetics practitioners can help oncology patients through this stressful time by offering wellness services designed to promote calm, happiness, and relaxation. Wellness services can also work as a respite from the usual holiday bustle, as a time for patients to take for themselves.

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