>>OTI vs ISFOE vs TC – Some Clarification

OTI vs ISFOE vs TC – Some Clarification

It appears there is some confusion about Oncology Training International (OTI); The International Society for Oncology Esthetics (ISFOE), Touch for Cancer, and other training organizations. Let us clarify who is who, who does what.


Oncology Training International (OTI) and Touch for Cancer:
In 2007 Morag Currin founded Touch for Cancer which served to as the initial provider of her Oncology Esthetics trainings.  However, as this innovative and integrative approach to oncology care grew in both scale and services, the company itself also needed to grow. In late 2013/early 2014 Touch for Cancer officially became Oncology Training International (OTI), a global brand offering Oncology Esthetics and Hairdressing Foundation Trainings to the spa/salon and wellness industry internationally.

In the transition to OTI, the company also made adjustments to its staff, trainers, and facilitators.  In this vein, certain trainers who had affiliations with Touch for Cancer no longer have an OTI Certified training designation.  Specifically, for our US trainings,  Becky Kuehn used to teach Oncology Esthetics in a joint venture with Touch For Cancer and this joint venture is no longer effective  July 2015. Becky Kuehn is not a OTI facilitator, nor has any affiliation with Oncology Training International (OTI) in any capacity – divisions or otherwise.


The International Society for Oncology Esthetics (ISFOE):
ISFOE is a separate, independent “for purpose company” with volunteer board members, experts in their areas whose mission is to create awareness about Oncology Esthetics; to uphold a comprehensive curriculum and standards for individuals wishing to offer valid, credible Oncology Esthetics Foundation Training.

The Society also enforces that ethics and integrity in the field of Oncology Esthetics is upheld, and only endorses authentic trainings – created by pioneers with integrity, and supported with clinical studies where possible.

OTI is proud to be a certified member of the ISFOE as it meets ALL criteria set forth by this body.

Please note a new website for ISFOE is being created and the new launch is scheduled for early Febraury 2016!


If you have any questions about the above or how it impacts your Certification, please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@oti-oncologytraining.com

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  1. Donna Yonta January 11, 2016 at 8:09 am

    I have received my certification through OT touch for cancer and have had this question for quite some time. Thanks for the clarification.

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