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OTI – A Global Training Institute

global oncology trainingWhether your company is a multinational, a small or medium enterprise, a non profit organization or a government institution, you can benefit from what OTI has to offer.

We are truly a global training institute, with partnerships in Singapore, China, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Dubai, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam , Thailand and Canada.

Our DiSC™-based Training Solutions have a global reach, available in 21 languages in over 40 countries. With such a wide range of experience in various countries and cultures, it just makes sense to work with OTI.

DiSC™-based Training Solutions will assist your company in strategic leadership, organization effectiveness, team effectiveness, personal effectiveness, effective communication, and innovation. We help you and your team develop the utmost in interpersonal business skills, and go one step further in providing assessment tools for various aspects of your business.

We will help you analyze your sales, leadership, time mastery, diversity, roles and work expectations, personal listening skills, managerial skills, team dynamics, so you can understand where your company’s strengths lie and what needs some extra work.

We also offer business advisory services to clients who wish to enter into Asian emerging markets.

With these two programs we can bring your business to a new level of success, giving you the tools you need to maximize your potential. You will notice the difference in every member of your staff, and in your company as a whole.

OTI operates globally so we are experts in reaching across borders to share our knowledge. No matter where you are located we believe we can assist you in reaching your greatest potential, whether it is through our DiSC™-based Training Solutions, our business advisory services, or a combination of both.

We are happy to work with you. Contact us today for more details!

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