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Cancer – Heart Disease – Diet – Platelets – Berries

article2Cancer and heart disease are prevalent in the world.

Many people are not aware that diet can make a huge difference to their health, and many people are uneducated on the benefits of vegetables and fruit. Others are just plain lazy and would rather indulge in a slurry of processed foods.

Diet is so important for good health and it is way better for the body than taking drugs, however, humans need to get out of their ‘lazy habits’ and get educated.

For those with cancer – platelets can be affected by chemotherapy. For those with heart disease platelets need to flow freely and not accumulate in blood vessels. Platelets are what trigger the blood clots that cause heart attacks and most strokes. And beyond their obvious function in blood clotting, platelets are now considered to play a pivotal inflammatory role in the hardening of the arteries in the first place, and in allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, and even cancer.

Normally, under healthy conditions, platelets circulate in a quiescent, inactive state. But once they become activated, they can emerge as culprits in inflammation. Platelets transport a vast amount of inflammatory chemicals, and upon activation they release these chemicals, which can recruit the inflammatory cells that form the pus pockets within our arterial walls that can eventually burst and kill us.

Certain plants can protect us with their anti-platelet effects. For example, different varieties of strawberries have shown a significant antiplatelet effect in a petri dish and in people. From just adding strawberries to people’s diets, there’s a small but significant drop in the percentage of activated platelets circulating throughout their bodies.

Other berries had a similar effect, even at a more modest two servings a day. Purple grape juice appears to successfully reduce platelet activity the same way that aspirin does. Tis the season for berrie!

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