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Why is Oncology Esthetics Important?

oncology skin careMany cancer survivors find that their self-image is affected as their appearance and body experience changes with the disease and it’s treatments. Many chemotherapy drugs and radiation will affect the health of a patient’s hair, skin and nails. One of the many benefits of oncology esthetics is that it can positively affect the psychology of a patient, helping to improve their self-image. Complementing traditional medicine or surgical therapies with relaxing treatments can help to contribute to a patient’s well being. At Oncology Training International – Italy, our accreditation programs are revolutionizing the wellness industry to be inclusive of people with cancer. Our training programs supplement traditional skincare, spa and wellness therapies for cancer patients, empowering your business to offer oncology esthetics as part of your services.

Relaxation and compassionate care are an integral part of the healing process. Spa treatments by an oncology skin practitioner that understands the skin care and esthetic needs of their clients can help the cancer survivor to feel better. Massage therapy is one of the many services that can provide a cancer patient with positive benefits. Manicures by an oncology esthetician can positively impact the life of the patient by providing compassionate touch and care.

The care practitioners at OTI are the world leader in accredited training programs to complement traditional esthetics, skincare, and spa and wellness therapies. OTI will train your staff about cancer and its symptoms and treatments, and about the side affects that can accompany radiation and chemotherapy. With cancer affecting as many as 1 in 4 people and becoming the leading cause of death in many countries, providing compassionate care services as part of your spa or wellness business is paramount. You staff will be equipped with knowledge and best practices to help them to provide compassionate care when working with clients with cancer.

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