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The Psychological Affects of Cancer on Your Image

oncology estheticsOne of the many benefits of oncology skin care is combating the psychological affects cancer has on your image. Oncology Training International™ (OTI) offers accreditation programs that are revolutionizing the wellness industry to be inclusive of people with cancer. Our training programs are designed to complement traditional skincare, spa, and wellness therapies for cancer patients.

Many cancer survivors find that the effects of the disease impact them in the emotional, psychological and spiritual realms. Your self-image can be affected as your body and appearance experiences changes. This can lead to feeling self-conscious or unattractive. An oncology wellness practitioner can help you to overcome some of the challenges you are feeling by providing compassionate care and service.

Grief and bereavement for your former self can be a psychological affect of cancer. It is normal to experience a feeling of loss, and certain things like anniversaries or places you have been can trigger grief as well. Counseling and grief support groups can help you move through feelings of grief, and wellness therapies such as meditation or spa treatments can also help healing.

Spirituality may become more important to cancer survivors as they wonder about the meaning of their life and the big picture. Renewing your faith and becoming part of a larger spiritual community may be a way to lessen some of the psychological affects from cancer.

Undergoing cancer treatments often will impact your skin, hair and nails. Spa treatments such as a manicure or massage therapy by an oncology skin practitioner that understands the skin care and esthetic needs of clients, can help the cancer survivor to feel better. The care practitioners at OTI are the world leader in accredited training programs to complement traditional esthetics, skincare, spa and wellness therapies. We empower practitioners to positively impact the lives of cancer patients with compassion and healing.

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