>>OEFT Holiday Giveaway Winner 1 Announced!

OEFT Holiday Giveaway Winner 1 Announced!

WINNER: Genevieve Albert

Her Story:

“My life wasn’t touched by cancer until a few years ago, when an aunt that I was close with was diagnosed with the disease. I was feeling so helpless as I knew that an esthetic service would probably make her feel better; I wasn’t sure of all the contraindications and precautions and didn’t want to worsen her condition. She is now a survivor but this experience made me want to help make a difference for women touched by cancer.
I then started researching for other ways to help patients that are undergoing cancer treatments and Oncology Esthetics came up, but there were no training options offered in my area at the time. I purchased a book on the topic and found it very interesting, which confirmed that this is something I would love to be a part of.”


Genevieve’s Response after being notified she was a winner:

OMG! I had lost hope, I am literally crying right now (of happiness) – this means so much to me!

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