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Presenting Yourself as an Expert

We recently found out from a health care professional that an OTI OE graduate attended a conference where the focus was lymphedema care. The esthetician presenting was representing the spa she worked at, which is owned and managed by a cancer survivor.

This graduate had the opportunity of a captive market – all cancer survivors in different stages of treatment, and her presentation was to educate these survivors on modified spa services for any clients with a risk for lymphedema, or for a client with visible or diagnosed lymphedema.

This amazing opportunity was lost due to nerves, and/or a lack of confidence. Her presentation left the survivors very uncomfortable about visiting the spa for any type of services, and the health care professionals were embarrassed at her lack of professionalism; knowledge and yet they were empathetic to her nervousness. Sadly, the outcome from this event was simple – absolutely no referrals from the health care professionals, nor the survivors…..

In this situation, I would encourage you to PREPARE ahead of time – put together notes, study the contents; communicate with the health care professionals involved if you can and to be well prepared.

We have always embraced questions and have offered us assistance – we will not create the content for you, that is what you need to do yourself. We will look at your content and help improve on what you have, if need be. Please do contact us if you need help – if we can boost your confidence and ensure you are presenting with accurate facts, it benefits all estheticians who are certified in Oncology Esthetics. Don’t try and wing it – this does not do it!

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