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Risk Management

article2Failing to adopt a Risk Management Strategy in the spa today is perilous. You never know when something can go wrong! If working with people with health challenges (which include people undergoing active cancer treatment), anticipate and plan for accidents or events involving your clients – this way you can protect your business!

Every spa owner should do everything they can to ensure the highest safety standards in their spa and with its operations, however, one never knows when an incident may occur. Some situations may be just that – incidental, however other incidences may have serious repercussions for your business.

So, what constitutes risk in the spa? The following are just two of many examples of basic and, all-too-common, examples of potential risks your spa may face when it comes to the client with cancer:

  • Poorly trained or UNTRAINED staff
  • No policies, processes and systems in place in the event that an accident does happen. What do you do when working on a cancer client/patient and something goes wrong???

Another common risk to clients derives from their own state of health. Do you assess their health status before the treatment? Do they have a heart condition, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc? What if they have cancer PLUS another disease?

Evaluating your clients’ suitability for a particular treatment is vital these days. As spa professionals, it is our responsibility to assess the suitability of the client and to ensure there are no contra-indications before proceeding with a treatment.

By not asking questions about your client’s medical history, and not documenting it you are leaving yourself open to things going wrong, and a possible law suit or just damaging your reputation, even if just word of mouth, or social media.

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