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Employment Opening – Looking for trainers – OEFT & Dermotaping

OTI is opening up two amazing opportunities to train.

1. Oncology Esthetics Foundation Training (Blended)

Some key components from online modules are discussed at the ‘in-class’ day, plus ‘hands on’ is applied. Estheticians will have needed to completed their online modules prior to attending the ‘in-class’ session.


  • Must be an spa/healthcare professional and have attended and completed the OEFT training.
  • Must have experience with teaching, and be passionate about sharing this needed modality to fellow spa professionals.
  • Must be a good networker and work at promoting the trainings in your local area.


2. DermoTaping®

DermoTaping® is an innovative and new technique with many applications used in the medical and esthetic field. A complete system of treatment protocols take advantage of tape applications which can give dilatory and decompression stimulation to the body. Therapists use special adhesive tapes (tape) to exert a biomechanical pumping stimulation on the skin to facilitate lymphatic and vascular flow. The purpose is to improve the oxygenation of the skin to promote activation of skin regeneration processes.

Founder David Blow is partnering with OTI globally and he will be teaching potential trainers in Vancouver, BC – Canada in September 8-15, 2017 to start with the North American market.  To learn more about Dermotaping click here.


  • You can be a caregiver, massage therapist, spa or healthcare professional.
  • Must know skin and body anatomy and physiology plus a good understanding of the lymphatic system. (Modules can be provided on these subjects for those who do need a refresher or who need to learn about this.)
  • This is a very ‘hands on’ modality and in order to be proficient for level 1 you will need to attend 2x 4 day trainings (as above dates).

Class is limited in size so contact us today for more information!

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