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What Cancer Care Looks Like in the Future

This article is written by Dr Steven Curley, Professor and Chief of Surgical Oncology at the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas, USA.

In reading his article – he does address awareness about cancer; things that can be prevented and how we as humans are subject to so many influences.

“We must also be willing to develop greater and more far reaching population education programs about things as simple as proper ultraviolet light protection during sun exposure, and to recognize tanning beds or excessive, unprotected natural sunlight exposure increases the risk of a particularly difficult and vicious malignancy, melanoma.”

Where can we as skin/body care therapists support this stance – certainly education on sun protection products, and how to use with efficacy (reapply when necessary) and yet at the same time not to push the client into avoiding all sun! In the OTI February newsletter I addressed the need for 10-20 minutes of sun at MIDDAY for Vitamin D conversion.

He continues to say “Whether we like to admit it or not, humans respond to societal pressures and images displayed or touted by media, marketing firms, or so-called beauty and glamor outlets that may actually be harmful to the health of the populace. People do and should have a free will, but they should also be given understandable, honest, and rational information on the potential consequences of their choices.”

Skin/body care therapists that are trained and are confident of their knowledge can provide honest and rational information, however, the client makes the final choice….as seen below.

“There should also be a higher level of personal accountability and responsibility for negative outcomes based on an individual’s choices.”

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