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We are coming up to the end of 2017. OTI has had a productive year opening up new markets and growing existing markets. We want toA Word From Morag acknowledge some exceptional people who are working with us to drive Oncology Esthetics into a permanent modality in the healthcare and spa fields.

Brazil has been one of our most exciting projects to be involved with this year. The Brazil market under the direction of Dr Augusto Pereira (clinical oncologist) has set up Neoclinica BemEstar (Wellness Clinic) which has a combination of healthcare and spa professionals and is opening for business early 2018. In our opinion – a leader in both industries (medical and spa). At first, his fellow oncologists laughed at the idea, and now that they are all realizing the benefits to people with cancer, they are lining up patients for services at this clinic.

Israel under the direction of Hanah Tetro has started with Oncology Esthetics Awareness Workshops and this is growing exponentially. Hanah has worked extremely hard to get so many workshops going in Israel and has spent lots of time translating and teaching in Israel. We love Hanah’s feedback and questions.

Korea under the direction of Yang Sun Ha has been exceptional with trainings every second month and they have just completed an opening ceremony in Gangnam, Seoul on December 7th . This event was open to the media, healthcare professionals and spa professionals and was a resounding success. A blend of 130 attendees included professors, MD’s, magazine and news reporters, estheticians and acquaintances were invited to learn more about Oncology Esthetics.

Italy and Switzerland under the direction of Angela Noviello are still going well. Angela has been our steadfast director/educator for Italy and our biggest achievement to date is the publication of the clinical study that Angela and her team worked so committedly worked on – for 4 years. The clinical study has shown benefits for the person diagnosed with cancer and we are thrilled to have our Oncology Esthetics training recognized.

To these exceptional leaders and pioneers – we are so grateful for your commitment to changing the world of esthetics and to people with cancer. Behind the scenes we have Gerald Wartak and his team of professionals and without them we would not be where we are globally. Also behind the scenes we have a solid group of Caring Partners – may we collaboratively bring more cancer awareness and good health to all people in 2018.

So, the biggest thank you to all of you spa/salon professionals – may 2018 bring each one of you more success and good health and the chance to use your new found knowledge!

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