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Oncology Esthetics Training Facilities

Find out where you can learn more about oncology esthetics at the following oncology esthetics training facilities.

Langara College, Vancouver, BC – Canada

2 LANGLogo orangE Langara College
Langara Continuing Studies offers a rich and diverse range of lifelong learning opportunities. Whether you want to improve business know-how, acquire language skills, enhance a career path, expand individual creativity, or develop a more holistic approach to personal well-being, we offer some 700 courses and over 35 certificate programs.

Endeavouring to be resources and contributors to community life, Langara CS personnel participate in and support significant public issues and concerns. Leading practitioners, expert in their chosen field, are drawn from the community at large to advise and to teach. Collaborative programs with community organizations further enrich the learning environment of the College.

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After losing my father to melanoma, I was searching for an avenue to bridge the gap between my career in aesthetics and cancer. This training is going to help me provide confident, safe services to my health challenged clientele.