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OTI is offering licensed collaboration opportunities for individuals, schools, and training facilities in the spa/beauty and/or skin care industry!

By becoming and OTI licensee provides such individuals/facilities:

  • Access to established training course and content as well as intellectual property.
  • Ultimate reduction in internal product development costs using OTI’s established content delivery systems.
  • Direct access to research, clinical studies and gained experience.

Collaborating with OTI allows for immediate, and risk-free entry into this modality within the spa/beauty industry. In addition, OTI’s brand has established itself as the premier global Oncology Training provider (recognized by the International Society for Oncology Esthetics) and extends this status to all its licensees.

Licensing with OTI further:

  • transfers values and consumer favour towards a spa/beauty or skin care centre that offers any of the modified services and/or licensed trainings
  • provides added value and differentiation from competing spa’s; wellness centers and clinics
  • provides additional marketing support or momentum provided by the licensor
  • provides access to new target markets who have not historically been interested in providing services to people living with cancer
  • provides credibility for moving into new market sectors through OTI’s varied trainings.

To learn more about an OTI licensee collaboration, please Contact Us


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