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OTI Oncology Esthetics® Training

Oncology Esthetics Training is designed to educate the wellness professional about cancers and cancer treatments, discovering how to identify individual challenges and how to address them in the spa or clinic setting. Experts deliver thorough instruction and hands-on training in intensive three-day certification programs that include the following ten modules:

Pre-requisite Reading

  • Oncology Definitions (Glossary)
  • Immunology
  • Lymphatic System

Module 1: Understanding Cancer

An overview of cancer research and information, including the origins of cancer in cells, cancer types, basic cancer statistics, and possible risks.

Module 2: Oncology Surgery

What are the most common surgical procedures and what are their side effects? What are the necessary treatment modifications and safety considerations when treating a patient with cancer in a clinic or spa setting?

Module 3: Anti-cancer Drug Therapy

What are the most common anti-cancer drugs and what are their side effects? How must wellness professionals modify treatments, including hand, foot and nail treatments, to accommodate cancer patients?

Module 4: Radiation Therapy

What radiation therapies are currently used and how do they affect the cancer patient? How must wellness professionals accommodate the side effects of radiation therapies in their patients?

Module 5: Psychological Therapy

How can we better understand the impact of cancer on the human psyche, including psychological reactions, defense mechanisms, impact on the family, and the “survivor.” How can wellness professionals communicate better with cancer patients based on this understanding?

Module 6: The Spa Setting*

Addressing the challenges and constraints of treating patients with cancer in the spa setting. How can we use other modalities as complementary therapies in the spa setting?

Module 7: Ingredients in Skincare

Skincare ingredients can be extremely important when treating patients with cancer. This module helps develop awareness of ingredients that are known carcinogens, toxins, irritants, and are harmful to the skin when used topically.

Module 8: Skin Cancer

Learn how being vigilant about your clients’ skin throughout the year can help protect the skin and identify potential skin cancers early.

Module 9: Case Studies

In this module, we introduce case studies, meet real-life survivors and hear about their journeys. We explore personalization of treatments with the understanding that each client with cancer presents unique circumstances. Includes a supervised practicum to gain confidence and professional skills.

Module 10: Marketing

How can your clinic or spa successfully attract more patients with cancer to your facility? Careful planning and targeted marketing can help your business grow.

* For additional in-clinic development: See Coaching

* For Oncology Esthetic Training Locations: See Locations



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