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Spa’s, cancer and wellness centres desiring to alter the direction of your spa or clinic to incorporate health-related services, including treatments for patients with cancer, you must pay attention to two important factors. The first is the training of the professionals in your business, which is where the Oncology Training International training programs apply. The second factor is a review of your business model to enable you to move from a retailed-oriented model to a medical one, focused exclusively on the patient. If these two variables are considered, your spa or clinic will move toward a strong future in the delivery of health-related services, including those for patients suffering from cancer and other diseases.

Striking a balance between medical and spa is a delicate process. The medical sector can demand stringent and inflexible regulations. However, Oncology Training International aims to raise the bar on the level of education therapists receive, and help clients redefine their current business models to adapt to market demand.

OTI also offers custom cosmetic product development for projects that need inspiration and creativity.  The products that are produced are innovative, high quality and the ingredients are well researched and screened for efficacy and can be safely used on skins with various health challenges.

We believe that every product, every brand, and every client is unique—this belief that has led us to create a collection of spa services that are as distinctive as the trainings we provide. We know that a cookie-cutter approach, quite simply, doesn’t cut it, so we work with each clients in outside-the-box, highly individualized ways.

We help build cosmetic and skin care brands that are guaranteed to be a glowing success.


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