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Smiley faceI completed OTI’s Oncology Esthetics certification in January 2017. For anyone aspiring to a career in oncology esthetics, don’t hesitate to take this online course. There are very few resources available in this still developing field, but Morag Currin has delivered an outstanding foundational online training seminar for anyone interested!
- V.H.
Smiley faceI had been interested in this course for several months when a contest came up to win a free training. When I was told I was a winner I was overjoyed. I am very thankful for this opportunity. The team at OTI is incredible and worked with me to ensure I got the training in the most convenient way for me. They also were quick to respond to any questions I had. With the knowledge I now have, as well as the fact I can access it at anytime or bring any questions I may have to Morag, I am confident in offering services to clients undergoing treatment for cancer or those whom are survivors. I can also help ease the minds of those affected by a loved ones cancer. Knowing the statistics of how many people that is, it’s hard to deny that I will have these people within my clientele.

My long term goals are to eventually set up my own spot to offer spa services to all people including those pertaining to my knowledge in Oncology Esthetics. Immediately I have volunteered at a fundraiser for women, offering mini facials and makeup for them. It was amazing to see all of them feel so beautiful. I will keep looking for these types of events to gain experience.

In all I am very blessed with this opportunity and for the free knowledge and am so excited for the chances I will have in the future I expand my horizons, thanks again Morag and OTI staff!

- Nicole Cameron, (attended OEFT on demand)
Smiley faceI feel so honored to have taken this course with Oncology Training International. I found the segments to be filled with critical information that is not common knowledge. For me I took the course over 8 weeks as I have a Full Time Job owning a Spa.

I am excited to be able to help my clients and the community as a whole. I am satisfied that I am prepared for whatever is brought to me by a client as this training has thought of everything, from Videos within the segments, to testing to challenge my mind and then there is reference to organizations I would not have thought of on my own.

I would HIGHLY recommend OTI if this is the direction you are taking within your Esthetics or Massage practice. I had total support even though I am in a different country and time zone. But I have to say there was nothing I needed to look up outside the curriculum provided. It is thorough, well written, and excellently delivered. Thank OTI for this wonderful program.

- Sue Bonito, (attended OEFT on demand)
Smiley faceThis was beyond a great course and coming from a daughter who’s mother is a two-time breast cancer survivor it helped me better understand everything she went through both medically and psychologically so it was amazing. It also helps me understand how to treat, educate others and help my clients to feel comfortable in their own skin which is the ultimate goal. Since I do work and life gets busy the fact that it was online and on demand for whenever I could sit and study it helped me a lot. This course was more than I expected and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to further their education in the esthetic and/or oncology field.
- Juliana Hoyos, Mt Kisco, NY, USA
Smiley faceLoved this training! Lots of detail, photographs and demo was invaluable. Morag is an excellent instructor.
- J.P., Burlington, ON, Canada
Smiley faceMorag was able to take a very medical situation into one that was understandable and manageable in a spa setting.
- S.K, Fort Erie, ON, Canada
Smiley faceThis helps me understand how we can treat our client with proper care that they need during this time.
- A.S, London, ON, Canada
Smiley faceI have never been exposed to cancer so this topic has always been a topic I avoid due to lack of knowledge. After taking this course, not only have I gained knowledge, but confidence when it comes to cancer and working with people going through this awful disease.
- H.T, London, ON, Canada
Smiley faceI cam to the Oncology Esthetics(R) training with a very limited understanding about cancer and its effects. Knowledge is power and I am powerful after my course with Morag. Thank you!
- S.M-J, Tantallon, NS, Canada
Smiley faceValuable information provided throughout the three days!
- C.L., Hamilton, ON, Canada
Smiley faceJam-packed information given, that I could not ever do on my own. All the important matters, concerns covered. Any question you have, is answered!
- S.P., Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, Canada
Smiley faceMorag is wonderful and very knowledgeable. She takes the time to make sure you understand. Having cancer survivors as clients makes it all makes it all make sense
- R.C., Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, Canada
Smiley faceThank you Morag! I am so happy I took this training. I have been interested in doing this work for a while. More than I expected. Thank you for your dedication to this work! You are a special person.
- D.B., Halifax, NS, Canada
Smiley faceThank you again for offering this wonderful program and for allowing Osmosis to be a sponsor. It was an incredible 3 days and Becky was fantastic!
- L.C., Carlsbad, CA, USA
Smiley faceIt was easy to understand the information because Becky gave real life examples.
- A.V., Chicago, IL, USA
Smiley faceHighly informative for any Esthetician in a salon, spa or Derm office.
- E.S., St Paul, MN, USA
Smiley faceExcellent information and techniques to enhance my skills as an Advanced Esthetician.
- S.M., Middleton, WI, USA
Smiley faceI enjoyed Becky and the presentation. I would have liked her to give a demonstration using facial MLD and more hands on. [Morag: We do not teach MLD – this is a specialised training].
- L.K., Phoenix, AZ, USA
Smiley faceA friend asked me to take this class with her and I had a family member going through cancer treatment and wanted to understand it better. So glad I took it. Long term goal – not sure at this time, but the sky’s the limit. God will determine where this will take me.
- K.S, Effingham, IL, USA
Smiley faceIt opened my eyes to how important it is to educate yourself so that we don’t harm our clients.
- P.T., Chicago, IL, USA
Smiley faceI feel this training has increased my confidence with the future of my career.
- C.F., Northbrook, IL, USA
Smiley faceKnowing that 1 in 3 women is at risk of developing cancer in their lifetime means that we will be coming across this in our client base. It’s our responsibility to know how to safely provide relaxing spa services for them.
- E.I., LaCrosse, WI, USA
Smiley faceBecky has educated me with more information than I thought. I am leaving today feeling 100% confident and with more knowledge than I expected. I cannot wait to make a difference in someone’s life.
- D.H., Sarasota, FL, USA
Smiley faceLa passione e la caparbietà che Angela Noviello sta mettendo in questo progetto Oncology Esthetics è decisamente contagiosa ed entusiasmante! Mi auguro che un esercito di estetiste, in tutta Italia, segua il Suo esempio e diffonda in modo capillare questo meraviglioso progetto
- N.B., Pomezia, Italia
Smiley faceHo imparato che il sostegno da un punto di vista estetico è sicuramente importante per permettere alle pazienti di avere una contestualità di vita normale, in un contesto di sicurezza
- E.D.M., Solbiate, Italia
Smiley faceHo considerato Eccezionalmente utile frequentare questo corso per poter praticare in modo sicuro la pratica estetica al paziente oncologico, questo grazie alla formazione di tutti coloro che si sono dedicati alla nostra formazione, ma soprattutto grazie alla passione che sono riusciti a trasmettermi. Ora più che mai sono dell’Idea che Insieme possiamo cambiare il Mondo. Grazie Angela!!
- R.R., Noli, Italia
Smiley faceAbbiamo toccato la profondità del sentimento umano….qui ce n’e’ stato molto!!
- T.C., Badia Plesine, Italia
Smiley faceIl desiderio della conoscenza nel settore estetico, è stato in questo corso arricchito da grande emozione con la consapevolezza di quanto nel dolore si possa riscontrare la Gioia di vivere e fare del Tuo lavoro una Missione che rende sereni noi e la cliente
- S.C.A., Milano, Italia
Smiley faceEsperienza emozionante e stupenda mi sono sentita orgogliosa della mia professione
- D.F., Brugherio, Italia
Smiley faceOncology Esthetics è la prima vera Rivoluzione per noi estetiste che certifica il nostro lavoro su pazienti oncologiche in linea con quello che già in altri paesi avviene da ann
- R.C., Borgo Virgilio, Italia
Smiley faceOne of the best trainings I\’ve ever taken! I feel like I can take my esthetics career farther and make a bigger impact and improve client\’s experiences.
- M.D., Salamonca, NY, USA


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